Microsoft has developed comprehensive security systems across its products and services to help protect you and your family. These features, listed in the latest updates to the Windows Resource Center, make it easy to use and fit your lifestyle.

Find out how to use Windows Hello to log in to your device without forgetting the password – log in to your face. Use OneDrive to protect your files even if your device is lost or installed. With the new Kids, Kids feature in Microsoft Edge, protect your children from websites you don’t want to be exposed to. Make use of a hp notebook.

I’m glad you are here to learn about what we are doing to improve Microsoft Edge and Bing! In my last post, we announced our new sleep tab feature, and I am happy to share the first findings by our new Beta build with a sleeping tab that increases battery life by using 26% less CPU on average compared to a non-sleep tab and also reduces storage usage by 16% on average. This is great news for all your players, and the store is there! More fun things are working for you later this year.

Last month, we also announced a beautiful new theme for Microsoft Edge, and I would love to hear that Halo, Satin Stacks, and Wandering Fields are the best favorites. This month we are excited to begin implementing our state-of-the-art standards with Microsoft Bing through innovative experiences, which help you find the information you are looking for quickly.

For those who have already installed Microsoft Edge, get started and check it out. Then, if you are on a Mac or mobile device, download it and let us know what you think!

Without further ado, check out what’s new on Microsoft Edge and Bing this month.

We’ve heard feedback from many of you missing the Hub experience through the Microsoft Edge version. Hub allows you to view and manage your favorites, history, and more from the side pane. This month, we are excited to present a great way for you to quickly access and manage your history regardless of the status of your partner. Now when you go through history, it will open as a simple scroll through the toolbar instead of opening the full page in the settings. This means you can search, develop and manage your history without navigating. If you want to keep it open, you can point it to the side. Go to “…” and select History or try it with the CTRL + H keyboard shortcut.

Search instant messaging from Microsoft Bing’s new vision
At Microsoft Bing, we are looking for ways to give you back time so you can focus on what really matters. We are also looking for ways to think beyond the list of links and the world of search results that combine information and rich image descriptions with a beautiful view.

With that in mind, we are pleased to announce several innovative search experiences that provide quick and engaging information. The result is a rich system that helps you quickly find what you are looking for without going through a lot of text. These new features are just the beginning as we seek to change search results across Microsoft Bing!