A hybrid computer is a computer that displays the features of an analogue computer and a digital computer. Digital objects are often used as controllers and provide logical and numerical functionality, while analogues often act as a selector of different parts in other mathematical systems.hp 15 core i3

In the past, analogue inputs were connected to a digital computer to analyze analogue data, process it, and provide output results that could control the analogue system. These are special-purpose systems that you can now call Hybrid Computer Systems.

Today, many large operating systems can be thought of as Hybrid systems and digital computers involved in many aspects of the production process. The best example I can think of right now is a process that converts fuel oil into several components, such as car fuel, fuel oil, etc.

Monitoring and controlling nuclear weapons is another clear example.

This idea continues in almost everything we do today. You can say that the phone is a hybrid device that takes your analogue voice, transforms it into a digital icon, and transmits it to the digital data network, then receives it and feeds it in analogue speech, using digital and analogue audio.

Computer software:

Hybrid computers can refer to any of the following: When referring to a computer that can be used on a computer or office, a hybrid computer is a slang term to describe 2-in-1PC. A 2-in-1 computer with a screen and keyboard can remove and have the functionality of a laptop computer and tablet.

Examples of hybrid computers:

· An example of a hybrid computer system is the cement plant where all calculation is done by the digital system (digital computer) and therefore such an ass increase of some material in the call and the increase/reduction of fuel for heat carried out with the help of an analogue system.

· Gas Pump Station (were to measure gas by the analogue system, displays the calculation by the digital system (computer).